* WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THE STATES - ORGANIZZAZIONE MONDIALE DEGLI STATI - ORGANIZACION MUNDIAL DE LOS ESTADOS * Parlamento Mondiale per la Sicurezza e la Pace, Organizzazione Intergovernativa, International Parliament for Security end Peace, I.G.O., Organizzazione con Personalità Giuridica di Diritto Internazionale * Parlamento Mundial por la Seguridad y la Paz, Organización Intergubernamental, Organización con Personalidad Jurídica de Derecho Internacional. I.G.O. * International Parlament pour la Sûreté et la Paix, Organisation Intergouvernementale, Organisation avec de la Personnalité Juridique de Droit International, I.G.O. * Parlament Mundial para a segurança e a Paz, Organização Intergovernamental, Organização com a entidade Legal de direito internacional, I.G.O. * International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Intergovernmental Organization, International Juridical Personality By law, I.G.O. * Internationales Parlament für Sicherheit und Friedens-, Zwischenregierungsorganisation mit der Internationalen Juristischen (Gerichtlichen) Persönlichkeit Nach dem Gesetz, I.G.O.

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Posted: Monday, October 15, 2018 1:00 PM
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Subject: Dispute and out-of-court complaint to Mr. Alfredo Maiolese, in quality and personally.
High priority


There, October 15, 2018
Open Letter to A. Maiolese Secretary

                                                                                                                                                           Egr. Mr. Secretary General
                                                                                                                                                           World organization of the States
                                                                                                                                                           00187 - R O M A

E.P.C. Mr. President, Messrs Vice-Presidents,
Messrs. Representatives of the Member States and / or in
address, Ambassadors and people informed about the facts

Egr. Mr. Secretary Alfredo Maiolese,
personally and in quality.



I thank you for the information you send me, as well as for the opportunity you offer me in relation to the answer I formulate here, having, among other things, asked me to do so.

So with the occasion, and below explain them, once and for all and in writing (since you should also be a professional and should know that then "have the function of ensuring the citizen the effectiveness of the protection of rights" .......... "In the exercise of your activity, you are subject to the law and the deontological rules", therefore, if you became aware of "illicit or illegitimate" acts in the sphere of his activity or in social life, you would be obliged to inform competent judicial bodies), those that are in my opinion some "absolutely irregular" activities "of the WOS-IPSP of which you are secretary.

Before anything else, I inform you that, when he was elected "secretary general" of the then world parliament for security and peace "on December 5, 2013 after the political defection of Ciro Di Costanzo, Mr. Eugenio Lai had a moment of panic, not knowing who to name. Well, dear Alfredo, although I did not know you, I chose you, because you seemed to me a man of peace, open to inter-religious dialogue and spiritually valid for the mission that we wanted to carry out, in the interest of humanity ! Unfortunately, however, at the first common mission, in Argentina, you proved yourself for what you are, you’re your innumerable limitations and your absolutist vision. Since then you have seen me as an "enemy to be overthrown" and so you have prepared your "lying relationship", presented then to the Ordinary General Assembly of 28.06.2016, read by rag. Caddeo and acts of the organization, for which (as already done in-house with express request for PEC to Mr. President Eugenio Lai), I ask you immediate account and reason within 30 days from today, with public and official apologies, reserving to also take legal steps against you for the crimes that should be detected there.

Returning to yours .... I do not know what it can be (communication, warning, request?), specifies the following:

1) At the outset, as the legal representative of permanent member state with veto right and of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP, I ask you all the copies of the official documents of the session of the elusive "Council of Presidency" of 08.9.2018 in which this body would have taken such a decision to "withdraw the position of deputy of the National Assembly of the WOS-IPSP". In particular, it is essential that in the copies of the documents the ways, the times and the names of the convocations of this phantom "Council of Presidency" are highlighted; the place, the names of the participants, the time and the closing time of the minutes, if they are meeting in first or second call, and anything else according to the WOS-IPSP statute.

2) You, dear Maiolese, is wrong when he states that the "offices of a deputy are not included in the statute", in fact in the final provisions, art. III, this contemplates the denomination to be used for the representatives of States, honorable and excellence. In the common practice, therefore, a deputy is honorable and even better: "deputy in Vocabulary” - Treccani (www.treccani.it/vocabolario/deputato/ ) 1. a. Designated for an assignment or function, with the prep. to: be deputy to represent one's own government ". Mr. secretary, you and Mr. President Eugenio Lai would you tell me that, perhaps due to literary and terminological ignorance, this phantom "Council of Presidency" decides the "revocation" of my STATUS? That is, on September 8, 2018, where, at what time and by whom, is my legal status enacted "ope legis" revoked? But is he really sure of what he says?

3) If instead the reference of the phantasmagoric "Council of Presidency" of 08.9.2018, which you reported in its 11.10.2018 sent to me by PEC, wanted to be the art. III of the "Transitional Provisions", you are always the error when you falsely declares, in the not better qualified "letter" above, about the posts of "deputy". In fact we read that "the current parliamentarians, ... (honorary office) ... of the association, on request ..." well, I ask, what would I have "requested"? To be an honorary parliamentarian? NEVER DONE, MAKE ME SEE THE SUBSCRIBED QUESTION! If then instead thinks that a Head of State may have an interest in being also named for example "supreme tsar of an association NOT recognized" .... talk to others, certainly not to myself: Dear Sir, do you realize that I am offending?

4) It follows that I DO NOT ACCEPT NO "DIFFIDENT", AND LESS THAN LESS FROM YOU, (for the reasons that follow the next points) and, if you insist with these tenors as illegitimate as irreverent, I will be forced to sue and legal steps to safeguard my person, my image and my interests. If you were instead convinced of his statements, I formally invite you to sue me and to put the "face" and NOT "to throw the stone and hide the hand"!

5) It also follows that I HAVE NOTHING TO DELIVER TO ANYONE, AND LESS THAN LESS at rag. Giuseppe Caddeo, because among other things I do not recognize to this person NO REGULARLY PROPOSED INSTITUTIONAL OFFICE, DELIBERED BY THE COMPETENT AND THUS VALIDATED ORGAN. So if you, Mr. Caddeo or Mr. Lai, or the elusive "Council of Presidency" of 8.9.2018, you had something to say and you wanted to finally put the "face", I invite you once again to sue me and close this affair once and for all. Clearly, if it were not to define, in terms of the law and the statute, the dispute created, I will be forced to take legal steps to safeguard my person, my image and my interests.

6) Always as the legal representative of a Member State Permanent with the right of veto and of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP, I kindly ask you where were the days 10,11 and 12 October 2018? First I would like to know where and what was your mission on those dates. I am interested, in quality and with all the relative rights given by the articles of association, to ascertain why and with what money have been paid his expenses and above all with what authorization your trip has been budgeted! Objectively I do not think that Alfredo Maiolese went to New York just to send to me the "letter" in question ..., nor even (for his faith and his ethics) that today has become a "LIER", (and therefore had put a place for another!), so I think the WOS-IPSP has spent a lot, why? For who? How much? After all, the visas in your passport or a specific request to the competent bodies, can determine any discrepancy, and especially if you have prepared and sent such a "letter" from New York rather than from Cagliari or Genoa! .... you know is always for expenses .... except that, if you had just put New York instead of Cagliari or Rome for example, it could mean to falsely move the place of a crime, or just make one legal jurisdiction think about another and ... I think this is a CRIME, in Italy, Mr. . Maiolese!

7) Dear Mr. Secretary General, when I speak of the elusive "Council of Presidency" of 8.9.2018, I want to say that perhaps those who wrote "this unidentified letter" are fundamentally ignorant of the "things and the status of the WOS-IPSP", in fact it does not even know the name of the administrative organ SUBSIDIARY denominated General Council of Presidency (which has obligation of statement and of ratification to that clearly PRIMARY called General Security Council!). By the way, since you have signed the offending document, do you know that in a public or private deed a different heading or denomination invalidates the very act of nullity? How strange, but ... how much improvisation in an organism so much ... .. "important" for the world that however .... does not do anything for it!

8) With the present, having also verified the undersigned that on the website https://www.wostates.org/ are published photos that portray me, as well as there are references and are reported acts that concern with sensitive data, such as some minutes and the letters sent also bearing the full address,


a valid for all purposes of the law, you Mr. Alfredo Maiolese, president Eugenio Lai and rag. Giuseppe Caddeo, declared illegitimately, each for himself and in solid for the "General Council of Presidency" irregular car constituted for more than two years, for the immediate removal of the photos and all the documents showing the sensitive data and in particular the addresses, and however, no later than October 20, 2018, otherwise, without another notice, I look at the legal procedures for the corresponding crimes.


Well, I think that today we have clarified enough, so I refer you to a next opportunity, maybe in a different location and more legal.



The Grand Chancellor WOS-IPSP

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