* WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THE STATES - ORGANIZZAZIONE MONDIALE DEGLI STATI - ORGANIZACION MUNDIAL DE LOS ESTADOS * Parlamento Mondiale per la Sicurezza e la Pace, Organizzazione Intergovernativa, International Parliament for Security end Peace, I.G.O., Organizzazione con Personalità Giuridica di Diritto Internazionale * Parlamento Mundial por la Seguridad y la Paz, Organización Intergubernamental, Organización con Personalidad Jurídica de Derecho Internacional. I.G.O. * International Parlament pour la Sûreté et la Paix, Organisation Intergouvernementale, Organisation avec de la Personnalité Juridique de Droit International, I.G.O. * Parlament Mundial para a segurança e a Paz, Organização Intergovernamental, Organização com a entidade Legal de direito internacional, I.G.O. * International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Intergovernmental Organization, International Juridical Personality By law, I.G.O. * Internationales Parlament für Sicherheit und Friedens-, Zwischenregierungsorganisation mit der Internationalen Juristischen (Gerichtlichen) Persönlichkeit Nach dem Gesetz, I.G.O.



There, October 15, 2018
                                                                                                                                                                     Egr. Mr. President Eugenio LAI
                                                                                                                                                                     World organization of the States
                                                                                                                                                                     World Organization of States
                                                                                                                                                                     00187 - R O M A -

E.P.C. Messrs Vice-Presidents, Mr. Secretary-General,
Messrs. Representatives of the Member States and / or in
address, Ambassadors and people informed about the facts

Subject: Response to the President's latest "hypocritical mind-riddance" Eugenio Lai, and extrajudicial notice at the same, in quality and personally.


Dear Mr. President Eugenio Lai,

I read very carefully his last letter of 12.10.2018 in which, instead of constructively responding to the previous verbal notes of this General Chancellery, especially those of the last 3 years and in particular the last n.11 of 28.9.18 (what that "he would do shortly", as he had anticipated and promised with his personal secretary the 3.10.ca), continues to rant, threaten, be wary, etc., etc., and, in this case, even to LIE!

What happens to you president Lai? Why do you become a "liar" now? , I must see this evidence, Mr. Lai, since DECLARES officially, signing in this letter PEC, that the "September 27, 2018 in Rome, ... .. at the meeting room of the Hotel Universo .... The General Assembly of States ... has ratified and approved ... all existing and previous acts ... .. ". Mr. President, but WHAT IS SAYING? You know very well that "the General Assembly of States" (in the 2nd call on 27.9, from 10 am, present the representatives of: Antarcticland, Principality of King, New Malta and Thurston, NOT made any TYPE of voting and no resolution and closed at about 13, with lunch! To say better, that morning it was not even able to complete the "verification powers" because you wanted to vote for "proxy" States not yet admitted and ratified by the General Council of Security, and therefore worth the position, as a "permanent member" with rights and full powers, of the Kingdom of Saints Peter and Paul and of the Principality of Cannisteo, while the undersigned had placed the prejudices caused precisely by the lack of ratification and validation of ALL acts from 2014 to the present of the former World Parliament for Security and Peace, today WOS - World organization of the States (as from the numerous disputes opened with this Chancellery General and the multiple official verbal notes (left unanswered), justifiably for the lack of valid convocation and relative deliberative meeting of the General Security Council, the only administrative and juridical organ of the organization, according to the by-laws. I remind you that there is a recording of this fact, also given to you in copy for publication, as well as the two representatives present for the Principalities of Thurston and New Malta. Subsequently, dear president, remember that at about 15.35 (that is, 15 minutes late from the scheduled time for the 2nd call), we met for the Extraordinary General Assembly and, even in this second phase, we repeated the "verification powers" with an absolute "nothing of fact" for the continuation of your part, Mr. Maiolese and rag. Caddeo (also declared the WOS bookkeeper), of the illegitimate defense of the positions taken. So, at about 4.45 pm to 5.00 pm, NO TYPE OF MEDIATION IS NOT POSSIBLE BETWEEN THE PARTIES, the undersigned and the two representatives of Thurston and New Malta, (after having you, Caddeo and Maiolese stated that "now, at this time we could leave "), we left the meeting place. Consequently, when they were "ratified and approved .... all existing and previous acts ... .. "? FROM WHO? From the KING PRINCIPLE alone? IN THE ORDINARY ASSEMBLY? Do you know that this is not possible because by 15.20 we were already in the Extraordinary Assembly, as established?

Mr. president, but do you know that three people, who commit a crime in complicity with each other, also have the aggravation for the "criminal association"? I wonder then, your hatred towards me has come up to this point? That is to say that you make and professionals make false papers for you, who risk a lot, for their responsibilities also work?

Mr. Eugenio LAI, I keep EVERYTHING what I said, I think and I am sure of legal validity, for which the advance to do NOT ACCEPT ANY "DIFFID", AND LESS THAN LESS FROM YOU, UNTIL INCONFUTABLELY YOU SHOW ME, REPLYING IMMEDIATELY TO MY DISPUTES AND VERBAL NOTES, with legal opinions, previous specific WOS judgments and the appropriate PROOF OF YOUR THESIS. Otherwise and if you should insist with these tenors as illegitimate as irreverent, in spite of myself I will be forced to take the right legal steps to safeguard my person, my image and my interests. If you were instead convinced of your statements, I formally invite you to "sue me" and to put the "face" and NOT "to throw the stone and hide the hand"!

Furthermore, responding to your question, which is also attached to third parties, I ask you for all the effects of the law, and under the statutory rules, both as Grand Chancellor in office until 2 July 2019 that as legal representative of permanent member state with veto right and of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP, the following:

1) ALL copies of the official documents of the session of the pamphles "Ordinary Assembly" and "Extraordinary Assembly" of 27.9.2018; in which this organism would have ... deliberate and what thing. In particular, it is essential that in the copies of the documents are shown the ways, times and names of the convocations of these phantom organisms, the place and time, the names of the participants, the verification powers signed by the participants, the opening hours, the time spent in voting, in resolutions; the diary, the agenda with the closure of the minutes, whether meeting in first or second call, and anything else according to the statute of the WOS-IPSP.

2) Always as Grand Chancellor in office until 2 July 2019 that as the legal representative of permanent Member State with veto right and of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP, I kindly ask you where you were on 11, 12 and 13 October 2018? First I would like to know where and what was your mission on those dates. I am interested, in quality and with all the relative rights given by the articles of association, to ascertain why and with what money have been paid your expenses and above all with what authorization your trip has been budgeted! Objectively I do not think that Eugenio LAI went to New York just to send me the "mail" in question ..., nor even (because of his position as a wealthy owner, a big merchant and for his incontrovertible ethics, as head of state ) that today has become a "LIAR", (and therefore he had put a place for another!). In fact, I think the WOS-IPSP has spent a lot on these trips, why? For who? How much? Moreover, the visas in your passport or a specific request to the competent bodies, can determine any discrepancy, and especially if you have prepared and sent such a "letter" from New York rather than from Cagliari or Rome! .... you know, it is always for expenses .... except that, if he had just put New York instead of Rome for example or Cagliari, it could mean to falsely move the place of a crime, or just make one think of a legal jurisdiction than another and ... I think this is a CRIME, in Italy, Mr. president Lai!

3) Always in this regard, that is the legal jurisdiction of the former world parliament of security and peace, today WOS world organizations of the states, as you say, must know that at the beginning this organization was an IGO founded by 3 states ( 1974), based in Palermo. Then, due to the continuous inclusion of natural persons in the organization chart, the legal position was revised by the responsible bodies of the Italian State, until the cancellation of the "legal personality" in the last years of Msgr. Busà's life (recalls Mr. Lai who I was asked to verify the position at the Court and the Prefecture of Palermo post mortem of the monsignor, in view of the further obligations? Then he will certainly remember all the findings in this regard!). Subsequently, precisely on 3 July 2014, the "unrecognized association" the world parliament for security and peace, in Rome and in the presence of about 50 people, was re-constituted by 8 intervening States that determined the birth of a new IGO: inter-governmental organization. This deed stipulated NOT in the presence of the "notary", but determined by the "sovereignty" of the juridical persons of international law present, was then "reported for its registration" by the president of the General Security Council (the only administrative and representative body of the IGO), that is from you egr. Mr. LAI, which presented itself and signed the Swiss patent in Lugano (for self-declaration) n. 2321 of 24 July 2014. Up to this point nothing to complain, but it happened that we have "added" several people ("consultants, observers, guests, historical parliamentarians, and many other figures), who took part in the voting, ( even in "General Assemblies" NEVER properly convened because it is true that if the president "convenes", it is true that the mandate must have him by the administrative body, or by the General Security Council), they have decided independently, etc., and have therefore radically reversed the legal path taken by the States. So, despite the declared New York office, you have never done even one day in that city, but has instead operated ONLY and ALWAYS in Italy (Rome jurisdiction, with tax code, meeting venue, legal and postal address, etc.). ), also inserting, improperly, independently and without any authorization of the General Security Council, in fact physical persons, NOT provided for by the corporate offices. All this, with the inevitable missed call of the General Security Council for over 3 years and a unipersonal management, led, according to this general chancery, the organization to the "association of a subject NOT recognized", then with ABSOLUTE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SUBJECTS, who are part of it. President you know perfectly well that this analysis is precise and concordant with reality, you can "climb on the mirrors" or say what you want, but you are neither a JUDGE, nor a LAWYER, nor a PROFESSOR, a man of law, so at least SHUT UP and get a "sworn appraisal with pro veritate opinion", .... I would be really curious to see whoever subscribes to it ....!

4) My actions through this General Chancellery, is to strongly oppose its ILLEGITIME ACTIVITIES and, in some cases, ILLECITE, TO PROTECT THE STATES THAT MAKE THIS I.G.O. FOR OVER 4 YEARS, WHO HAVE SUBMITTED THE COSTITUTIVE ACT, UNDERTAKING TO ACCEPT THE OBLIGATIONS ESTABLISHED BY THE STAFF REGULATIONS THAT THE SAME HAS BEEN DONE AND PLACE TO BE IN ROME, IN VIA VITTORIO VENETO, 118, 3 JULY OF 2014! I understand well that you do not like democracy, being accustomed to dealing with politics in "DEMOCRANNIA", but I think we have reached the terminus sig. president: MUST CONVENT GENERAL SAFETY COUNCIL WITH SITTING FIXED within and no later than OCTOBER 31st 2018, otherwise the General Registrar, in office by statute until July 2, 2019, legal representative of permanent Member States with veto right and of the General Council of Security of the WOS-IPSP, will bring ALL the documentation in its possession to the Court of Rome, competent by jurisdiction, giving notice to HE On. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, for the effects of the notification of the opening of the dispute on the Inter Governmental Organization.

5) Everything else, related to what you say in your email PEC in question, are and remain only "invective, threats, warnings, intimidation, etc., which can not be taken into any consideration either because the General Chancellery believes to be right and to defend an absolutely correct political line, to safeguard the rights established by the Law, and because, contrary to what it says and subscribes, you sig. Lai, has proven to lie on several occasions, NOT last, for example,it is the place of "jurisdiction put in place through the letter" that is: New York,

6) To all this it follows that, if he wanted to further procrastinate the story, the invitation to sue me: I am and remain in my convictions for which I have no problem to make the truth triumph .... By the way Mr. president, explains to me why in the website I know, there are structures, offices, organisms of the old organization and NOT the current ones, which were inserted 4 years ago? Why did NOT publish the STATUTE on display? Why NOT publish the financial statements, the budgets approved by the General Security Council, ALL the activities that the WOS would have completed in these almost 5 years of his "DEMOCRANNIA" as "President of the General Council of Security"?

7) With the present, having also verified the undersigned that on the website https://www.wostates.org/ are published photos that portray me, as well as there are references and are reported acts that affect me with sensitive data, as some minutes and the letters sent also showing the complete address,


to be valid for all purposes of the law, you sig. Eugenio LAI, the general secretary Alfredo Maiolese and the rag. Giuseppe Caddeo, declared illegitimately, each for himself and in solid for the "General Council of Presidency" irregular constituted himself for more than two years, for the immediate removal of the photos and all the documents showing the sensitive data and in particular the addresses, and however, by and not later than October 20, 2018, otherwise, without further notice, I will take legal steps for the corresponding crimes.

I hope that you would like to consider what I have told you over the years and the documentation that is as conclusive as asserted. Consequently the reference to a next opportunity, perhaps in a different and more legal seat.



The Grand Chancellor WOS-IPSP


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