* WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THE STATES - ORGANIZZAZIONE MONDIALE DEGLI STATI - ORGANIZACION MUNDIAL DE LOS ESTADOS * Parlamento Mondiale per la Sicurezza e la Pace, Organizzazione Intergovernativa, International Parliament for Security end Peace, I.G.O., Organizzazione con Personalità Giuridica di Diritto Internazionale * Parlamento Mundial por la Seguridad y la Paz, Organización Intergubernamental, Organización con Personalidad Jurídica de Derecho Internacional. I.G.O. * International Parlament pour la Sûreté et la Paix, Organisation Intergouvernementale, Organisation avec de la Personnalité Juridique de Droit International, I.G.O. * Parlament Mundial para a segurança e a Paz, Organização Intergovernamental, Organização com a entidade Legal de direito internacional, I.G.O. * International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Intergovernmental Organization, International Juridical Personality By law, I.G.O. * Internationales Parlament für Sicherheit und Friedens-, Zwischenregierungsorganisation mit der Internationalen Juristischen (Gerichtlichen) Persönlichkeit Nach dem Gesetz, I.G.O.

Rome, 11/10/2018                  

Mr President Eugenio LAI,

E.P.C.   Vice-Presidents, Mr. General Secretary, Representatives of the member States and/or Ambassadors and people informed about the facts address,

Verbal Note n. 11/2018

Public call request of the General Security Council, of the W.O.S. - I.P.SP., (to the effects of the art. 15 c.1, of the Statute, written as Swiss License n.: 2321 on 24.7.14 in Lugano


Mr. President Eugenio Lai,

The present follows to the several Verbal Notes and open Letters without answer which are decisive to the legal, political, administrative effects, and whatever of which, the latest (that here are attached  in italian language), they appear absolutely essential for the continuation of life of this organization.

Therefore these, which are reported by date, they are considered an absolutely integral part of this “Verbal Note” with relative solicitation for the request of the Convocation of the General Council of security, not later than 31 october 2018, of the W.O.S.- I.P.S.P., (to the effects of the art. 15 c. 1, of the statute, written as Swiss License n.: 2321 on 24.7.14. in Lugano, (as per official application according to the statute), on 28/9/2018, also the request of the member States with a right of veto !

If the summary of what happened in the last years is necessary, the members are invited to consult the website:


e: http://www.wos-ipsp-cancelleria.info/

This Chancellery still remains confident in a ready management repentance, with consequent immediate convocation of the requested organ, that is the General Security Council, single act to evaluate and resolve on the matter.

Remaining however and in any case waiting for valid answers, as well as the contextual convocation, the oportunity is welcome for distinctly greet

The Great Chancellor WOS-IPSP

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