* WORLD ORGANIZATION OF THE STATES - ORGANIZZAZIONE MONDIALE DEGLI STATI - ORGANIZACION MUNDIAL DE LOS ESTADOS * Parlamento Mondiale per la Sicurezza e la Pace, Organizzazione Intergovernativa, International Parliament for Security end Peace, I.G.O., Organizzazione con Personalità Giuridica di Diritto Internazionale * Parlamento Mundial por la Seguridad y la Paz, Organización Intergubernamental, Organización con Personalidad Jurídica de Derecho Internacional. I.G.O. * International Parlament pour la Sûreté et la Paix, Organisation Intergouvernementale, Organisation avec de la Personnalité Juridique de Droit International, I.G.O. * Parlament Mundial para a segurança e a Paz, Organização Intergovernamental, Organização com a entidade Legal de direito internacional, I.G.O. * International Parliament for Safety and Peace, Intergovernmental Organization, International Juridical Personality By law, I.G.O. * Internationales Parlament für Sicherheit und Friedens-, Zwischenregierungsorganisation mit der Internationalen Juristischen (Gerichtlichen) Persönlichkeit Nach dem Gesetz, I.G.O.

Rome, 28.09.2018


OPEN LETTER september 2018                                To the President W.O.S..- I.P.S.P

                                                                                              Sig. Prof. Eugenio Lai


E.P.C. To the States that conformed the General Security Council: King Principality, Antarcticland, Sao Tomè and Prince, New Malta Principality, Guinea Bissau and Boliv.na of Venezuela.

E.P.C.  To Those in the address and among which: Alfredo Maiolese, Valerii Yevdokymov, Principality. of Cannisteo Peninsula and Thurston, Kingdom Hascemita, of Giordania and  San Pietro and Paolo, Republic of: Ecuador, Gambia, Gabon, Liberia, Senegal, Paraguay, Madagascar..To the people informed about the facts: Antonello Secchi and Giuseppe Caddeo.

T H E I R  S E A T


Object: Public Request of General Security Council Calling, of the W.O.S. - I.P.S.P, (to the effects of art. 15 c. 1, of the statute, written as License (Switzerland) n.:2321 the 24.7.14 in Lugano,


                                           Egr. Mr. President Eugenio Lai,

followed by the “congestion” situation of the General Assembly activities of that “Association” done in Rome in the Universe  Hotel, yesterday 27 september 2018; during more than 2 years a complete absence of democracy and “politic dialogue” in the organization because of its absolute position; I signed up , having the obligations rising by the held positions, knowing the responsability assumed towards the international comunity, third parties, and represented citizens, I invite you, kindly, to become involved the need to clarify once in all your actions and those who erroneously followed in the “Pindaric” interpretations of law,  and operating rules and conditions, adopted with automatic  legal “omission” that you established against the current statute, of this association.

Consequently, NOT having obtained moreover NONE valid explanation to the several “verbal notes” imparted to the last 3 years and mostly not having followed up my last request of calling of the General Security Council (point 5 of the internal verbal note 10/Pres./2016 of the september 7, 2016, document that is fully reported);

In my quality as Great Chancellor, (still in charge, since elected on 5.12.2013 and confirmed in the sitting of the Extraordinary General Assembly on July 3, 2014, remaining in its validity to everything on July 2, 2019, as it says, just legal insertion, the constitutive statute of the present organization, sheet 24°, “transitional provision”, chapter 3, and, moreover, for the “absolute nullity”of the General Ordinary Assembly on 28/6/2016, (without any legal value both for factual and legal reasons, as specified in the “open letter on august 2016” 10.8.16, and in the “ internal verbal note 10/Pres./2016 on september 7, 2016,) as well as in the further qualities of “legal representative” of the Principality of New Malta and Thurston, as well as the State of Antarcticland, (of which, the first and the second, effective members of the General Security Council, with “veto right”, as says the art. 13, c.4 of the statute).


The ready and immediate calling, according to the statue rules, at the social office of Rome, of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP, to deliberate on the following agenda;

1) The verification of all acts and callings, previous sending of copies of all documents and relative verbals, from July 2, 2014 to now a days, also with the signature power, the previous declaration in public acts documentary certificate of the single positions assumed and accepted;

2) The transmission to the General Security Council (single administrative body of the WOS – IPSP), of all accounting, bank, etc documentation, in order to verify the financial statements on 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, NEVER delivered to this institution, as THE ONLY ONE HAVING RIGHT AND ENTITLED to value the correspondence, skills, and everything that is essential for the correctness and the safeguarding of members that must certify also the political and accounting correctness as well as the validity, to then be presented to the annual general assembly to be approved, as the statute and law on the subject says;

3) the ratification or revocation, (if not compliant with the statutory regulations or indicated as nullity). Of the existing acts and existing places of the General Council of Presidency seen the complete missing and absent communications to the body in charge and control, (as stated by the art. 14, paragraphs 6 and 7, of the statute), with the relative admission of responsability if deficient of the appropriate financial coverage;

4) The preliminary treatment of applications for admissions to said body, above all the “right of veto” sanctioned in favor of the Permanent States members, (as says the art. 13, c.4 of the statute), as well as the verification of civil and administrative legitimacy for the amounts requested to the members, given the absolute absence of the assumption of responsibility of the administrative body (General Council of Security), because never validly called by the president, according to the statute, and especially for the absolute absence of services and activities rendered to “members” of the organizations;

5) The indicative determination of the convocation date of the next ordinary assembly, in consideration of the enormous work which is expected in the present.

I dare warn you that, where it was not convenced the General Council of Security not later than 30 days from today, in the qualites described above I will get every appropiate action to safeguard my rights, my image and my heritage, as well as for justice, legality and right protection of the citizens of the member States

Best Regards                                                                                                                                                                      The Great Chancellor of the WOS - IPSP

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