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Internal Verbal Note n.: 10/Pres./2016 NULLITY Opinion about the activities of the General Ordinary Assembly on 28/06/2016 by the General Chancellery WOS-IPSP

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From: The Great Chancellery WOS-IPSP- Sent: Wednesday 7 september 2016  19.17

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Object: Internal Verbal Note n.: 10/Pres./2016 – NULLITY Opinion about the activities of the General Ordinary Assembly on 28/06/2016 by the General Chancellery WOS-IPSP

Priority:  high


Rome, 07.09.2016

                                 To the Mr. President W.O.S.-I.P.S.P'

                    E.P.C.    To the adherents States of the WOS – IPSP

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Internal Verbal Note.: 10/Pres./2016

NULLITY Opinion about the Assembly activities Ordinary General on 28/06/2016 from the General Chancellery WOS-IPSP.


Egr.Mr. President.

Just these last days, after the summer break and email block, this Chancellery received a communication sent to the Great Chancellor on august 10, 2016 as well as the copy of the verbal (Written in 10 pages on june 28, sent on 10/8/2016), and the activities done, during the Ordinary General Assembly on 28/6/2016, in second calling, of the WOS.IPSP in Cagliari, for that expresses his opinion, as determined by the statutory rules.

In order to make categorically clear the commitment of this entity, established in the art. 16, par.  and 4 of the Statute, for the interests of the Organization and the common good, it is specified that the present Verbal Note DOES NOT want represent absolutely an indictment or demerit of the leadership, but a valid support to the activities that always has done, offering the “opinions”, like pro veritate, dictated by logic, by experience, from the study of the acts, facts, statutes, specific  and relatives situations.

Made this premise, we move on to the examination of the communication, of the verbal, the rules and facts.

1) firstly, It is NOT possible to consider the comunication of “discharge” (or decay) of the Great  Chancelor, because of that “activity, situation, fact, etc.,” NO public information was given in the scope of the agenda! In fact it is not possible  understanding a “variation proposal  of the board of Presidency” (art. 6 of the O. of the G.), with an effective distortion both of the same organism that the constitutive act, as well as the tasks assigned to the administrative body (General Council of Security) that it should  have deliberated by competence. The illegitimacy of that act, it follows its absolute nullity.

2) Still related to this topic, it must first of all make distinctions. A) a proposal it is NOT a resolution, for which it is indicated the condition to “propose”, this status does NOT determine the decision-making, as it is present to the other points of the agenda. B) In the WOS-IPSP DOES NOT EXIST a Presidency Council,or better to say what council, of a commision? In fact if it wanted to talk (as in fact later it was done dealing the figure of the Great Chancellor) of the General Council of the Presidency (art. 14, parr. 1/8), as indicated in the agenda is misleading, then, as illegitimately approved, NOT being correct is NULL. C) Moreover, this Chacellery MUST specify that the current members of the General Council of Presidency (President, Vice-president, Great Chancellor and General Secretary) will be in charge, by statute (subject to resignation), until the july 2, 2019 (Cap. 3, sheet 24° of the License n. 2321).

3) As it was set this”sanctioning activity”, it would seem that there was the General Secretary intention of “remove politically” the Great Chancelor, valued perhaps as uncomfortable figue. Since  the report presented in the Assembly, is false, absurd and unreal, as well as, with documents written  probative of this Chancellery, it is easy to certificate the opposite. Although not less, so far as the General Secretary should insist on these positions about “denunciation” it asks the immediate opening of a disciplinary procedure ad hoc towards both the Great Chancellor and the General Secretary, that must be performed by the General Council of Security, according to the statute.

In fact the disciplinary competence, firmly remaining that it is possible a punishable activity, and after having fulfilled the dictates of legal guarantee, (including the right to “presumption of NOT guilty  until the sentence has become final”), is expressly determined by the statute of the General Council of Security, to the art. 4 par. 4 (pag. X); also to the art. 38 par. 1 it is ratified an “arbitration decision”, every different position is illegitimate.

4) For information purposes and for properly knowledge, regardless of any other position, a possible sanctioning decision in violation of the principles of defense, notification, terms, etc., it would be a very serious act against the sacrosanct Rights of man!

5) Anyhow, Mr. President, since the Great Chancellor, before any other condition, in the case is  a President of a state, permanent member of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP, it asks the immediate convocation, according with the statute, of this administrative body in order to resolve on this matter, and in particular different NULLITIES found in relation to the General Ordinary Assembly done on 28.6.16 for “violations” of the Statutory regulations, that will be made later to the present and apart from that area.

In the convocation of the C.G. Of the Security and the instruction of the relative report requested, this Chancellery advice the immediate CANCELLATION OF ANY RESOLUTION,  and the call of the General Security Council of the WOS-IPSP above all to ratify the work of the General Presidency Council, admit the states that have requested (with express definition of the conditions, rights and duties); approve the financial statements for the immediate presentation to the general assembly, determine a constructive association policy, and as necessary for the correct work of the IGO.

Anyhow, Mr. President, the present verbal note wants to be the constructive demonstration of the will to “do” and NOT to destroy, for how it has always operated this institutional safeguard body of the WOS.IPSP in good and bad luck.

The General Chancellery, with its Great Chancellor elected on 5.12.2013 and confirmed on 3.7.2014, remains awaiting confirmation of what has been requested and specified with the present, sure that H.E. Will work clearly and will call the  competent institutional body (General Security Council) as soon as possible.

The oportunity is welcome to extend

Best regards.                                                                                                                                                                                               The Great Chancellor

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